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Television care is the most trusted name when it comes to the efficient repair of multi-brand televisions and audio systems. With 8 years of experience and excellence in the field, we were able to create a trusted bond with our customers.

As the technology advanced and more brands have been introduced to the market, the service procedures and need for technical knowledge have increased. Thus, we felt a need to offer the best repair services in LED/LCD television of any brands.

Television in a house is important as it will provide enough entertainment and also an efficient medium of the share of information. Our mission is to offer quick, efficient and reasonable repair of televisions and audio systems, with honest estimate.

Ever since the inception of our service center, we have ensured that the team we employ are highly professional and skilled in television repair service. For the comfort of our customers, we offer a reasonable pick up of the television that needs to be repaired from your location in our vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The problems we encounter are unique and prior to handover the television to service centers, we encounter several doubts. We have shared some of the common questions asked by our clients.

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What happens if the tv screen is physically damaged?

Tv screen is the most crucial part of a television and if it is LED/LCD screen the replacement will not be economical. But, the only way to repair is to replace the LCD/LED panel. The estimated cost can be to about 90 percent of the television cost.

How long will the television work properly after the issue is fixed?

The guarantee of the proper working of the television depends upon the quality of the television parts and the brand. We will fix the root cause of the problem with ultimate professionalism and using quality replacement parts. You can approach us within one month if you think the problem is still there.

Is the cost of television repair too much if the audio is not working properly?

The audio problem is mostly encountered when the mechanical switch is not working properly the cost of completely replacing this depends upon the brand of television and extent of the issue.

How long will it take to complete the repair of a television?

The estimated time of repair depends on the availability of the parts. Once we complete the diagnosis, we will let you know whether the parts need any replacement and time to receive the shipment. We will make sure our service is completed as soon as possible.

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