We are the team of Television Care, offering multi-brand television repair in Kollam. With 8 years of experience and expertise in television repair and services of various brands, we have a trusted name and professional tag among our customers. Our specialty is that our team is well-packed with the knowledge of hardware technology and the repair techniques of any complicated televisions and audio systems.

Whatever be the brand and model, we have the expertise to fix it. We have LCD/LED television repair in Kollam and Trivandrum. Our services are panel bonding services, motherboard chip level service, AVR repair, Audio system repair, DJ mixer installation, etc. You can approach us for professional repair/rectification services of multibrand LED/LCD television.

We offer our customers an honest repair/service estimate and as per our customers' convenience, we are ready to take the television from your home or office for service with a reasonable charge. Ever since the inception of our service center, we have ensured that the team we employ are highly professional and skilled in television repair service.


Pick our service for dedicated and professional television repair of various brands

Replacement of Quality Parts

We ensure the stock of new and quality replacement parts in our service center in Kollam. By doing so, we ensure a quick repair.

Location Access

Our television repair center is situated at the most accessible location in Kollam. Our customers can easily reach us for tv repair.

Perfect Fault Recognition

We don't waste time in diagnosis. Our repair team is highly experienced that they can promptly detect the fault easily. This saves time and money.

In search of a professional LCD/LED television repair service in Kollam?

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